Monday, January 12, 2009

my skin care routine

1- Make up remover: Clinique take a day off cleasing balm

It does what it's supposed to do. And it's not greasy like other make up remover liquids. You just put a little bit of this balm on your skin, gently massage over, and then washing your face with warm water. That's it. It feels so clean that I think I don't need to wash my face with cleanser. I use this stuff even when I have little make-up on like tinted moisturizer. Just because I like to have a absolutely clean face to go to bed.

2- Cleanser: Philosophy Purity made it simple

This stuff is amazing. I can take off all the make up without drying the skin. And the smell is so refreshing.

3- Exfoliate: Philosophy the micro delivery exfoliating wash

This is an extra cleanser than the Purity. It makes the skin feel and look smoother. It has no smell. Since it isn't harsh at all, you can use it everyday.

4- Scrub: St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead control

It is a bit harsh on my skin. For some reason, I think it does clean my skin and makes it extra smoother than the Philosophy's one . And also the cleanser has 2% Salicylic Acid which helps your acne. That's why i keep using it.

5- Moisturizer/ Serum: Lancome Primordiale Cell Defense and Double Performance

I love this stuff!! Love love it. I have extra sensitive/ combination/ oily skin. You name it. I try couple moisturizers before such as Olay, Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, Korres wild rose 24-hour moisturizer, Proactiv green tea moisturizer, even Cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry/sensitive skin. They either broke me out or made my skin very greasy. So I just don't use moisturizer for my face at all when I go to bed. Just last month I got this Lancome serum sample. I was hesitate to try at first. But my skin got really dry and pimples, so I had to put on something. I'm glad i did give this a try. I can see my skin imidiately feels calm and refreshing. After 3 days, I see my skin get much better, texture is even, pimples are gone. And after a week, my skin look great like never before. But the thing I love about this is it absorbs right into my skin, just like I don't put anything on. No greasy after waking up. That's a bonus. I know it can go on and on about this stuff. Probably because it is the only thing work for my skin.

6- Suncreen/ moisturizer in the morning: Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF30

This feels close to the Lancome serum since it also absorbs quick into skin. I have nothing to complain about it. I hate to put on suncreen since it makes my skin so greasy. So I like to use moisturizer that has the SPF in there. I don't like to put a lot of things on my skin. It's probably not healthy and makes me feel like I'm wearing a mask. Anyway, good stuff.

7- Chapstick:

I use it like forever. And I never have intention to switch to anything else. I tend to keep using the same stuff if it does work for me. Same with foods/ drinks. Kinda boring eah. Recently I try Vaseline. It feels nice and makes my lips naturally pinkish. Put it doens't last long. I have to reapply which I don't like. I know I'm picky. I just want to apply everything on in the morning and that's it. Btw, I don't like anything that's in a jar which I have to dip my finger in. Just not sanitizing to me.

8- Mask: Proactiv refining mask (for acne)

I use it once a month or any time i feel like my acne is acting up. Just put a thin layer on damp skin. Leave it one for 15-20 mins. Then rinse your face with warm water. I tend to use this after removing make up, and then heading up to the shower. Not too much work! I like.

9- Mask: Aspirin + few drops of water+ few drops of pure honey (for smooth and clean skin)

You can buy non coated aspirin. Use 3-4 pills, ad few drops of water just to soften aspirin. Then add few drops of honey. Mix it up and put on skin. It can also be used as a scrub. Some people rinse it off after massage it over their faces. I like to keep it on my skin for 20-30mins. Just to let the honey sucks into my skin. Then rinse off. Feel like baby skin after all. It requires little bit work but it worths the time. So i keep doing, probably once every 2 weeks.

Btw, men can use these masks too. Since they help clearing up ances and quite simple comparing to other masks. You can do it while using computer or anything. I know couple other masks, but it requires more time+ effort to make it and have to lie down for 30 mins, which I can never keep up with. So I just cut down to these two things.

Anyway, seems like a lot hah. But I do everything in 5 mins everyday. I try anything to cut down the time and stuffs I use, just because that's the only way keep me doing it. I'm happy to have clean and no pimple skin. No need for miracle stuffs to rejuvernize skin or anything like that.

Until next time.


  1. Ohh I've been meaning to try an aspirin mask, is it effective?

  2. I love st. Ives too...I was actually just going to do a blog on it BECAUSE, I found out the target brand is the exact same...its only when you get to the end of the ingredients that they are in a slightly different order...

    I agree it feels a little harsh on my skin as well, but it feels amazing afterwards!

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  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll check in on your regularly. Btw, I love the aspirin mask too, makes my skin so soft!

  6. thanks for following my blog =)
    i tried some samples of the philosophy micro delivery peel and now i'm hooked! i wonder if the exfoliator works just as well. just kinda sucks that i can't get any in seoul XD

  7. i thought i'd write first then read your blog since it looks intersting! I am using the neutrogena acne oil-free wash and the orange deep clean one as well and am using the oil of olay cream as a moisturizer which is good but I am still getting pus filled pimples. GROSS. sorry, probably too much info.

  8. oo i wanna try that mask! thanks!

  9. Thanks for following my blog. I love using Aveeno products. Works great on sensitive skin.

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    Thanks for following! =D I loved the sample of Philosophy purity wash that I got. Have you tried the foam version? Really tempted to buy it...

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  15. Oh I wanna try out the Aspirin mask!♥

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    I've been lemming to try the philosophy cleanser!

  19. Wow...that is an intense regimen! I'm gonna try the aspirin mask. Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!

  20. Im so curious about the aspirin mask, my friend recommended it to me but I dont dare trying it out XD XD
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  21. only one post?!! you gotta write more lady!
    i wanna try Philosophy after reading your post!
    not available where i come from :(

    me acne prone too...i gotta try out the aspirin masks!!

  22. that's a lot of products haha! i also use tons of products in my skincare regimen. i'm thinking of trying out Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash too. heard lots of great reviews :) xx

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  24. i've learned a lot just by reading your post. :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. :)

    <3, Mimi

  25. i've always wanted to try philosophy! i've heard such great things about it all the time.. esp the cleanser. i love st. ives scrub.. hehe

  26. I've recently started using Lush Tea Tree Water Toner and I'm loving it so much.

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  29. i didn't know that aspirin can be used in mask, thanks for sharing this!